Flint Township Neighborhood Watch

Reasons to join Flint Township Neighborhood Watch Program:

  • You are concerned with the possibility of rising crime rates in your neighborhood.

  • You would like to know your neighbors and have a more united neighborhood.

  • Your neighborhood would like to have a better partnership with The Flint Township Police Department.

  • You want to be more secured and better prepared in your home.

  • Improved communications with the Flint Township Police and your neighbors.

  • You’re a business and would like to be closer to your residential neighbors.

Flint Township is divided up into 16 neighborhood watch groups.  Each of the 16 groups have their own Facebook page and Watch Leader.  The neighborhood watch groups are having their own meetings and a neighborhood crime watch meeting every last Tuesday of each month.  To find out what neighborhood you’re in, please fill out the Neighborhood Watch form at the police department (5200 Norko Drive) or call me at (810) 600-3264.  

Community Resource Officer

John Chisa

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